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so me and the bf ended up in less then stellar living conditions. it was nice and stable at first, we moved in with family thinking we will help them out by doing so, but instead they ended up screwing us over and next thing we know we are wondering how we're gunna feed the kids with a $500 electric bill.

drama aside, i would simply like to know if anyone is interested in a commission, preferably something that would only take me a day or so so i can charge no more than $20. i am also down for quick and dirty hour long sketches for even less $$. Basically I will be going on a case by case basis.

I know I have had queue lists in the past, but i am not doing that this time. Simply send me a note with what you want and I will let you know if i have the skill/time for it or not. 

I am also aware that I have 1 or 2 past commission refunds ($45+) I still have left to give out, this statement is a public notice for the record that I have not forgotten about them, they are simply more than I can afford at this time. They will be paid out in tax refund season.
i was revealed as a winner today guys!!! thank you SO MUCH to anyone who supported me, this is absolutely mindblowingly amazing for me as an SPN fan!!! here is the video 

This is related to the Supernatural Design Challenge.

At the risk of sounding like I am spamming, I would just like to say that I would appreciate any and all votes I get on a daily basis for my contest entries. All you need is a facebook account (without one, you will have to create an account with the contest website). There are currently 5 days left, and votes reset daily. This means you can vote every day.

Renowned Demon…
(if you only vote for one, have it be this one! it's the most behind in votes due to a late start)

3 Step…

Thank you, I greatly appreciate any support I receive on this :)

hey guys, how's everyone? hopefully good...

remember how i made a journal for people to submit their hyena characters? well this is similar, but for pit bulls instead. i plan to do some pit bull practice sketches soon and i was thinking it might be cool if they were based on pre-existing characters.

so if you have an established american pit bull terrier character, and it would be ok for me to draw them, then go ahead and just post a link below and i will add it to my collection. as with the hyenas, i am not guaranteeing i will draw your character. it may or may not happen. also important, is that i will be specifically looking at photos of purebred american pit bull terriers as reference, so you shouldn't submit your character if they are actually an american staffordshire terrier, an american bully, or a pitmix (unless you are ok with them being drawn as an APBT, in which case, your dog character could technically be any breed). 

Face Touch by Parolees
:X: Ring Fighter :X: by Manar-Darkwing
<da:thumb id="432377351"/>
Jetta Reference Sheet by Xandrium
Icarus Reference by Xandrium
All Eyes On Me by swagstag (preferred by owner)
ice queen, by swagstag
Lockdog Official by Kreis-Y

Aloisia by Darklight-Wraith

Commissions are currently closed. However, if you are interested in any future open slots, you can opt to have your name placed on a QUEUE list by indicating so in a comment or a note. When I am ready to do more commissions, I will contact the next person on the queue list to let them know there is a new slot open. Paypal, snail mail cash, and money orders accepted.

I offer the following for starters, and the price range indicates simple character design (ex: basic feral dog) versus more complicated design (ex: clothing or wings etc):

 [digital] full-body colored sketch $15-$20
bang bang by Freakztermakaria by Freakzter

[digital] colored portraits $35-$45
commish for vixengal01 by Freakzterbosley by Freakzter

Current Slots:
1.) vixengal01 paid
 jakalope paid, awaiting reply
mouthofpoison unpaid, awaiting reply

next in line for future slots (no guarantees):
I am thinking of re-opening only my former "badge" commissions, except this time they would just be mugshots as I would be omitting the name tag part.

COMMISH: mottenfest by FreakzterCOMMISH: snappywolf by FreakzterCOMMISH2: dyingbreed666 by FreakzterCOMMISH: DracoSinopa by FreakzterCOMMISH: WolfofSorrow by Freakzter

They would not look EXACTLY like the examples, as those are pretty old. But I am working on making a couple current samples this week (Loki and Horcrux).

If I do decide to open them, I will post both a deviation and journal stating so. They would probably be around $30.
So, i have an idea now to create a sort of hyena character directory for future reference. This would be much easier for me than doing this every time I was inspired. So in the future, when I need to borrow hyena characters for artwork, I can instead just refer to this journal here for pre-submitted, pre-approved hyena characters.

SoOo....if you:
A.) Have an original (and feral) hyena character and
B.) If I have your permission to draw your character at any random time and
C.) You understand that this is not any sort of GUARANTEE that i will draw your character,

Then please submit the THUMBNAIL code in a comment here and I will list it in this journal.

I don't have any nefarious intentions, I promise I wont draw your character in any offensive or sexual manner or anything stupid or questionable (unless, i guess, your character explicitly displays those qualities???). I also will clearly credit you as the owner of your character if used. You may ask to have your character removed at any time. You may also send a new link to a new reference at any time, and I will replace the thumbnail.

Also, you can include helpful information along with the thumbnail code (if it is not already included in the reference) such as what kind of pose your character would most likely strike, or how they get along with others, their activity level, what sort of rank they tend to fall in, etc etc.


Characters submitted and pre-approved for drawing:

Hyena by Parolees
:thumb284588432: (lying down, lounging, lazy)
Comish example: Trecko by BaltinaBlackS
Saba Cub by CrazyCrocuta (laidback)
Zaizae 2012 by CrazyCrocuta (laidback)
[Slick the Hyena] (a courier, cheeky, loud, flee > fight, travels with Lennox the binturong)
Malaika Reference Sheet by yankiidoodles
Baruti Refsheet by Maresy (very nervous, only calm around those close to him, sitting/laying down poses)…
Makaria Matriarch Vegvrou by dragonmissy
SoldierYena Ref 2012 by SoldierYena
Toaster by SoldierYena
NdC-hyena by NatalieDeCorsair
****CLOSED NOW****

hyenas chillin by Freakzter

So I'm working on a pic of a bunch of hyenas lying around chillin, with Horcrux on the lookout. But instead of giving them random markings and because I can't be bothered to create extra hyenas character atm, I thought maybe I could use other ppls characters out there? If you are interested then just comment here with a link to your ref, and the # of which hyena pose you would like to reserve. I'm not very patient when it comes to drawing, so I will probably only wait about 24 hours for submissions.

#3Nines (Spotted Hyena) Fursona by URs4NiN3Z
#4Kaila ref 2013 by TheDarkHyena
#5Comish example: Trecko by BaltinaBlackS
#6Hyena by Parolees
#8Colored version by Cashda

****CLOSED NOW****
alright, so if i am correct, I have paid everybody who was expecting a refund :) thank you for your patience and i am sorry again. if there are any latecomers to the party, or i missed someone somehow, you can still note me your paypal info anytime.
The most amazing thing has happened, I received a check not only for 2012 tax refund, but also for a "long lost" one from 2010! Long story, but it means I will definitely be able to pay everyone back %100 this week :)

I understand if all those old failed transactions have tarnished my reputation, and that taking so long to dole out refunds doesn't make it any better, but for me personally it is a burden off my shoulders and a gigantic lesson learned.
to all the people that sent me a note years ago that I never replied to.
to all the conversations i dropped out of suddenly years ago.
to all the people i put on the commission list that received nothing.
to all the people who have tried in vain to contact me.
to all the people who feel i have ignored or forgotten them.

I still have pages of notes to go through. Some of them I can't reply to because they come from long deleted accounts. Others, I no longer have a clue what we could have possibly been discussing. The rest I don't know if they are even worth responding to anyway, since most are over a year old...some old as 6 years :( I figure their inquiries are no longer valid, but I answer them anyways just in case.

I cannot express this enough: If I owe you something, whether artwork from a trade or a contest you won, or money for a commission you never received, PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY CONTACTING ME. Tax season is approaching, I will be able to pay you back!

You are mistaken if you think a single day went by the last few years that I did NOT feel intense guilt and anger at myself for letting so many people down before my hiatus. I never once hoped my IOUs would simply disappear into obscurity with time. I always had them in the back of my mind, all those years.

Hi there. as usual, much has happened since my last journal posting. But this time, I am back for good.

In the past year I moved to my own 1 bedroom apartment, but did not have internet outside of my phone. However, I was finally where I had wanted to be, on my own in my first apartment. My computer was giving me grief, so I left it alone. This caused me to eventually pick up a pencil and paper and began drawing traditionally again. It was a blessing in disguise. That, coupled with newfound inspirations, caused me to quit drinking quite suddenly. This resulted in also no longer engaging in the useless, life wasting, money burning activities that usually accompanied the addiction. I went further by changing my unhealthy diet as well.

However, I quickly found myself alone as many of the people I hung out with where all still about being as unproductive as possible, and so now I was no longer interesting to them. I realized sadly that where I was now, was not where I wanted to be in life afterall. My perception and focus changed drastically once I dropped my bad habits. It was like going up to the surface for air, even thought I never realized I had been drowning underwater. I thought about moving back with my family, but decided against it because I didn't want to leave my fulltime job. But then suddenly a new law passed (something about insurance policy) and my hours where cut in half...I took that as a sort of sign, that it i was time to go. It wasn't the first time I found myself packing my bags and moving back with my folks...but it was the first time I was happy about it!

I guess I have changed alot because my former boss and coworkers said I was not the same person they first met almost 3 years ago. It is true I have gone through many experiences. I spent so many years running away from my family, desperate to become independent, adamant on partying my life away...only to ultimately discover loneliness. I have closed the book on that reckless chapter in my life now though. I am now back in Tampa, renting a room at my folks place. I've got all my art stuff, a fully functional computer, a job, living with people I KNOW i can trust....a place to be creative. I am very happy.

With tax season coming up, I am hoping to finally be able to refund everyone that never received their commission, all those years ago. Commissions are something I will never do again...I am a terrible self-manager. If I owe you money, please email me at freakzter at live dot com, with your paypal name as a reference for me.

Last but far from least, I must thank from deepest recesses of my heart, all who have supported me in any way. I am sorry I cannot reply to most comments (I havent even begun to look at my 50+ notes), but I am always touched by those who wished me well or showed concern during my incredibly unstable years. I do not take you for granted. Thank you.

Finally lucid,